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S.No. Tender Name Tender Reference Number Tender Id Start Date End Date
Selection of Vendor for I... Selection of Vendor for Installation of Smart Solution and Operation Maintenance of Multi-Level Car Parking near Elite Circle in Jhansi City
JSCL/ACEO/24-25/3102 JSCL/ACEO/24-25/3102
2024_DOLBU_937880_1 10/07/2024 29/07/2024
RFP for Selection of Vend... RFP for Selection of Vendor for Operating Canteen at Jhansi
JSCL/ACEO/24-25/3115 JSCL/ACEO/24-25/3115
2024_DOLBU_938129_1 11/07/2024 31/07/2024
Operating 24 nos shops in... Operating 24 nos shops in Multi level car parking near elite circle
JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693 JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693
2024 DOLBU 895186 1 11/02/2024 25/02/2024
Operation of Laxmi Taal Operation of Laxmi Taal
JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693 JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693
2024 DOLBU 895322 1 11/02/2024 25/02/2024
Operation of 5 nos Electr... Operation of 5 nos Electric cars for tourist
JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693 JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693
2024 DOLBU 895366 11/02/2024 25/02/2024
Sports academy for operat... Sports academy for operation of multi purpose sports complex at GIC
JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693 JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693
2024 DOLBU 895383 11/02/2024 25/02/2024
Operating shops in incuba... Operating shops in incubation centre at nagar nigam campus for 25 years
JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693 JSCL/ACEO/23-24/2693
2024 DOLBU 895297 1 11/02/2024 25/02/2024
Multiple Tenders Multiple Tenders
JSCL/GM-CE/23-24/188... JSCL/GM-CE/23-24/1885
Multiple 17/05/2023 16/06/2023
Implementation of Central... Implementation of Centralized Controlling and monitoring system of existing street lighting system at Jhansi City
JSCL/GM-CE/22-23 119... JSCL/GM-CE/22-23 1197
2022_DOLBU_748917_1 13/11/2022 04/12/2022