Paking Name/Place

Sr .No. Paking Name/Place Location
1 In front of Rani Mahal 📍
2 Inside Motilal Complex No location
3 Sipri Bazaar, Under The Flyover, Beyond Ras Bahar Crossing To Mubarak Market 📍
4 Inside The Bus Stand Located On Kanpur Road - For Private Buses 📍
5 Under The Flyover Opposite Amit Atta Chakki Near Sumit Chaat Shop (Off The Common Road Going Towards Railway Nagra Area) No location
6 Under the Flyover Opposite Jhansi Travels (Opposite Ford Showroom Near Sevaram Oil Mill) 📍
7 Outside Vishal Mega Mart 📍
8 Germany Hospital, Sipri Bazar, Wall Side Parking Outside Gate MPOS Location Only 📍
9 All Gates Outside Maharani Laxmi Bai Park, Except SmartCity Bus Stop, MPOS Locations Only. 📍
10 From Minerva Chowk To The Edge Of The Fort Wall Towards Police Station (Nagar Kotwali) 📍
11 Near the Government Hospital of Animal Husbandry Department, Up To The Boundary Of Minor Irrigation Department (Between Mandi Gate No. 01 And Gate No. 2) No location
12 From Mandi Gate Tiraha To The Boundary Wall Of The Cemetery In Front Of Mithila Garden 📍
13 Jhansi Fort Khanderao Gate - Open Area 📍

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